Guide: How to assemble the Beate bamboo lounge

The beautiful Beate bamboo lounge adds a relaxed bohemian atmosphere to your outdoor space. Bamboo is a durable material with a long lifespan and is a good choice when it comes to a sustainable, environmentally friendly material for furniture production.

When assembling your Beate lounge, there are a few tips and tricks we would like to provide you with before you start. Therefore we have prepared a detailed assembly manual that guides you through the various steps so that you can assemble your lounge quickly and easily. Ask a good friend to help you assemble the lounge as an extra set of hands is needed in the assembly process.

Your Beate lounge consists of 4 parts. A back-piece, a bottom-piece and two side modules. The parts are numbered so that part 1 is assembled with part 1 and part 2 is assembled with part 2. In order to make the bottom and side components fit together you might require a little patience to make them all fit. But by following the assembly manual here you are good to go. 

1. Start by assembling side module 1 with bottom module 1.
Place the base module upright with the sticks pointing upwards
Place side module 1 with the holes covering the bars.

While holding the sides, carefully tap the holes of the the side module down over the bottom module with a rubber mallet or bamboo stick
It is important that the sides are assembled little by little, so that the sofa is assembled evenly.

2. Turn the sofa around, so module 1 is lying down on a soft surface and the sticks of the bottom module are pointing upwards. 
Now repeat the assembly process with side module nr. 2.  
3. When all 3 modules are assembled, tap with a rubber mallet or bamboo stick on all sides evenly. The backrest should then be mounted with the included screws.
4. Insert the remaining screws into the sofa frame.
5.Tighten all screws on a regular basis so that your Beate bamboo sofa is always ready for relaxing.

Congratulations with your new Beate bamboo lounge sofa. We hope it will provide you with many wonderful hours of relaxation in your outdoor space.
In order to make your Beate bamboo lounge last for long, we recommend purchasing furniture covers that are designed especially for the lounge sofa.