Spring Cleaning on the balcony? Get your teak furniture ready for spring

This guide is also suitable for eucalyptus furniture.

With spring, more light and warmer weather around the corner, we are starting to prepare on spending more time outside. For many of us, there is therefore also a growing desire to give the balcony a loving overhaul before the summer starts.

This time a year many balconies need a little pampering. Perhaps you also see that the winter's many months of wind, rain maybe even snow and colder temperature have made your balcony furniture "weather-beaten" and a little tired to look at. But luckily there is good advice ahead! Here we provide you with a little guide to how you easily can get your wooden balcony furniture ready for spring.


Worth knowing about teak

A lot of outdoor furniture is made of teak because the type of wood has a long life-span. In addition to its beautiful exterior, the wood is both hard and oily by nature, which makes it ideal for the harsher Nordic climate.

Teak furniture can therefore also be left outside all year round. Because the wood is a natural material, discoloration and unevenness of the wooden surfaces will occur over time, especially if you do not clean it. But with the right care, you can make sure that you will be able to enjoy your balcony furniture for many seasons to come.

Cleaning the wood

To clean the teak furniture, we use a wood cleaner from Brafab. The product is sprayed onto the wood, then the dirt is scrubbed away with a soft brush suitable for wood. It is important that you always brush in the direction of the veins of the three. This treatment can be repeated as many times as necessary. Use a wet cloth to wipe off excess dirt.

If there are still discolorations on the wood, the surface can be carefully sanded with fine sandpaper. It is important here that the wood is completely dry and clean, otherwise you will end up pressing the dirt into the wood when you use sandpaper.


Application of oil

If you wish, you can apply oil to the wood after cleaning. Here we use Brafab's teak oil. Again, it is important that the wood is completely dry before the oil is applied. It is also important that excess oil is dried off so that the wood surface still remains breathable. You can also refrain from using oil and leave your teak furniture raw. This will eventually give them the beautiful grey / silver patinated surface that is a distinct quality for the teak wood. This depends entirely on which look you prefer, as the application of oil has no effect on the life or function of the furniture.

By following this guide, you will ensure that your teak furniture will last for many seasons and you will be able to enjoy them for longer.

We wish everyone a very good spring cleaning and a wonderful balcony season!