What to measure before buying balcony boxes

Spring is here, and you can now start thinking about balcony boxes. What do you really need to know before buying new balcony boxes? Here is a quick guide.

First, you have to decide where on your balcony railings that the balcony boxes should hang. Many balcony railings have a standard size of either 4, 5 or 6 cm, and we have lots of different balcony boxes in different colours and lengths that fit these standard dimensions. So, you need to measure the width of your railing, as shown below to find the balcony box that fits your outdoor space.

Balcony railing size

Size of the fold down

If your railing does not have these standard sizes, we have different alternatives. The beautiful balcony boxes in teak comes with a flexible mount, that fits railings from 2-11 cm, which fit almost every balcony.

Balcony Sydhavn

If you prefer to have your balcony boxes hanging on your railing, we have a large selection of plastic balcony boxes and flowerpot-holders from the Dutch quality brand Elho, whose products are all made from recycled plastic.

Another alternative is Lechuza. These balcony boxes that are mounted with a flexible nylon strap, all the way around the railing, with a maximum length of 38 cm. These come with removable plastic inserts, leca balls and a self-irrigation system. This is also a preferable solution when you have a rounded railing.

We have balcony boxes in many different designs, sizes and materials, so you can almost be sure that we have something to suit your taste and needs. We always love to help. If you need any assistance you can always send our customer service an E-mail or visit our Showroom in Copenhagen where our talented and service-minded staff is ready to help you.